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chapter four

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

I’m finally home, lighting a candle, at night I don't really know what to do other than reading a book, my grandfather have a big library of books, I remember when I was I kid, I always use to want I library as big as my grandfathers, but my grandfather always said to me even bigger than mine, I Really wanted to be smart just like him, I guess now is too late, I’m more like a beast then a human, I open a book, words floating, creating our world be for, I read intel I fall asleep, imagining my worries away, I fall to a dream, I dream that I had for a long time, it’s just repeating, missed this feeling, I’m looking at myself in an empty room, white walls, one ceiling light hanging, unmoving I stare at her and she stares right back at me, and then she pulls out a gun, aiming right at me, I do nothing, I don’t even move an inch, her eyes empty with nothingness, blank face, I whisper “one, two, three” boom, and I fall to the ground, eyes wide open, I don't know why I dream of such a thing, but I like this feeling, the feeling of the end, feeling of calm, not being scared, just nothing, I close my eyes like alway but today is different and I can’t control it anymore suddenly I feel someone is getting closer to me, that’s new, never happens, open my eyes, my grandfather standing right over my body, will this is different, what’s going on? Why he’s here?, he lines closer to my face, he’s right on top of me, and I can breathe, he says nothing grabbing me from the arm and yanking me forward, I’m standing right now on my feet, for the first time I’m not in control of a dream and I’m actually terrified, he speaks “ that’s not you anymore, that’s not who you are, you are stronger then this!!”and I’m shocked, he’s walking around me slowly and he continue “ you're mine, I made you, and I’m sure I made you stronger then this” he sigh, he’s right in front of my face “ hunt my love, show me what are you really made off” he grabs my left arm again and he twist my hand hard, I let out I loud inhuman scream, I can hear my bones crashing and cracking, my arm hot rushing with pain, my knee falls to the ground, I know it’s a dream but why it feels like it’s real, he lets go, rising one eyebrow, looking down at me, my arm is throbbing with pain, and he says “ you are weak” but he lets me up one more time, I’m still in shock, my grandfather, he never acted this way, I have never seen this side of him, he take the gun from her and gives it to me, I take it with my right hand and he says “ look in front of you” I see myself, me tide by the hands, knees to the ground, he says “ learn to shot first” and I swallow hard, my eyes fulling with tears but I don't dear let even one tear out, my expression changes, it’s like someone have ignited me, I point the gun at my reflection, and he’s smiling, a sinister smile, waiting for me to act, and I do ,once boom , and the bolt hits her right in between the eyebrows, cracks forming from the bolt whole and then she’s shattered, like broken glass, piece flying everywhere, and I’m stunned, dropping my hand to my sides, and let the gun drops to the ground, click. I’m now looking at my grandfather, he’s smiles and walks to the distance, I hear a bang, I’m awake, I hear it again, I sit up fast, the sound coming from inside the house, and I’m on my feet in seconds, I hear footsteps and heavy breathing, please I don't have the energy for this, and I pick on the side of the door, hunched back, skin scared, deformed hands, he turns around and I run to the closest to look myself in and hoping he doesn't find me, I realize that my food is there in the bag, that’s why, fuck he most have smelled the meat, why did I get so much, I just didn’t want risk going out again and get killed, I’m unarmed, and clearly he's bigger and stronger than me, I have no chance, I hold my breath as the door swing open and heavy breathing inters the room, footsteps coming and going, he’s searching the room I can feel him since me, scratching with his claws at every surface, like a crazed animal, the closest door is shaking, before he opens the door I kick it really hard, I see him fall to the ground as the doors slam into him hard, and I’m running to the living room to get out as fast as I can, suddenly my head slams on the ground and a deformed hand grabbing me from my leg, and I let out a scream I try to kick his hand of my leg but I fail, he has a good grab on my leg, and he pull me backwards closer to him, his ugly face is right in front of mine, and he curls his hand into a fist and his ready to bunch me in the face, I put my hands in front of me to shield my face, and I embrace myself for the hit, suddenly he stops and I see a man with black hair pulling him and bunching him in the jaw, so hard that I hear his bones breaking, the creator falls to the ground in a ball from the pain and bleeding from the mouth, he runs out the door, and I’m stand looking at the same person I saw that day, he looks at me shocked, few seconds go by and I get up, run back towards the room, but he grabs me by the shirt and slams my back to the wall, one hand on the wall his looking down at me, and he’s inches away from me, I breath hard, I’m going to get killed, he’s studying me, my face, his eyes go down to my body, disbelief written all over his face, I do the same, he’s almost perfect looking, sharp jawline, straight nose, wide sharp eyes, long lashes, thick dark steep arched eyebrows, I noticed one of his eyes is bright green and the other is aqua blue, his two different eyes color work will together that if you see him from far away you wouldn't notice the difference, I didn’t the first time I saw him, he’s beautifully and intimidating, he says grinning “ I found you”

I say shocked “who are you?”

He replies “ I’m not sure you want to know, you've come with me” I try to bush him out of the way but he grabs both of my arms and slams my body back to the wall and I panic “ok fine I will go with you” His Radio goes off and the voice says “ commander kain where are you?” And he replies “ what’s up” The voice says “ sir I think I can see a lot of them in the east area, we need back up, we have to move fast” He says “ I think I have found her, I’m coming right now” He takes my hand, and I yank my hand from his grab I say “ wait, wait I’m not dressed” He looks at the lower half of my body for few seconds and then says“ okay hurry up” I go to the room calmly, closing the door behind me, I put on black sweat pants, I can hear him taking in the living room on his Radio, I look around the room searching for an away to escape, I open the window look down, the fall is too high, I don't think I can jump, I might break both my leg, I think for a few seconds for another away out, mmm I can’t think, there is no other way out, plus I don't think I have enough time, sigh I have no choice, I stand on the edge of the window, I look down it's still too high to jump but I embrace myself for the jump, I jump try not to land on my leg, I hit the ground my body rolling few steps, I look at the window shocked and clad, I didn’t get hurt, i look back again at the window, no one is there good I’m fine, I run fast, I don't know where I’m going but I have to get away from this house as fast as possible, I look back, spot him with a gun and I look around, I see an abandoned house, I bush the door open and I hide inside. I’m hiding for days, I haven't eaten, so I feel a bit weak, but I can't risk going out, I have been hearing gun shots all day and night, it’s impossible those from only one person, right now I don't know if I’m even going to survive today, I feel numb I lost the one thing that have been keeping me save and sane, the house my grandfather house, now I have nothing, the only way out is going to another state, even then I don't have the access to enter, they will shot me on the spot, I hear gunshot nearby I look out the window, I can see a solider radiation protected suit and Radiation masks and a body on the ground, one of the deformed people, a sigh of relief escapes my mouth, great maybe they are saving people, I jump up heading towards the door, open the door just I little before I stop, the solider is talk “ sir I just killed one of them but he seemed sane, he was talking to me bagging me” and the then a voice on the Radio replying “ it doesn't matter solider, Orders are orders kill everyone and everything living in this state, this whole state is contaminated with Radiation, kill the sane and the insane” the voice is getting irritated “ you hear me solider”, the solider ends the conversation “ yes sir!!” And I back away, they are killing everyone, no this not happening, I can’t breathe I feel like I’m suffocating with hate and fear, of course they will kill everyone of course they don't care, my hand is shaking, I’m no body right now, I don't exist this my life now, I run and enter one of the rooms in the back of the house, open the window and I jump, and I jump the fence, there is small roads in between every house a space enough for two people to walk side by side and small trees filling the roads, I perfect way to hide from the main roads and the soldiers, I walk for 5 minutes, I hear foot steps behind me, and I run quickly and quietly as possible, I keep thinking solider, solider, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, and nothing else, my lungs are heavy, my mind is scattered, my legs are malting, but I keep on going, gun shots and I man behind me yelling “ hey you” and I just know it’s me, they see me, why the hell this keeps happening to me, it’s like a hunted deer, another gun shot, now hear nothing but ringing sound in my ears, muffled gun shot and soldiers shouting and running, I realized that everything is slow, I’m not focused, my mind still scattered, the ground feels mushy and suddenly I tumble and fall in to mod black mod, I try to get up but my feet are heavy with mod, I fall again even harder than the first time, my hands and legs are covered with black mod, but I feel something under the mod buried, I pull it out and it’s a hand, a human hand, I throw it out as fast as I can and I realized this mod is felled with human bodies and blood I’m horrified from the sight I stumble backward, someone grab me from the waist and puts a hand over my mouth, to stop me from screaming, try to break free but my arm flying everywhere hopping for a hit, he hold me a few seconds, the gun shots stop, it gets quite, hits me with something hard on the back of my head, and I’m out.

A hand slap me on my face, and I’m shocked and up from the force of the hit, I shack my head, he’s right in front of me, kain, he’s wearing an army suit, he’s looks at me and says “i had to make sure that you are okay” and I scream “ what do you want from me!!” he laughs, and I’m stunned but he doesn't say a word, he gets closer just between us few inches and we are breathing the same air, and then he backs away saying “ you are not running away this time” my eyes wide open, and all I can see right now is red and fire and destruction, I look around, I’m setting on a bed an empty room with no windows one door and him, I want to kill him, my hands is chained, I yank my hand so hard I feel it breaking, the chain falls to the ground and I stand, he steps forward and he say “ I knew you would do that” I bush him and he grab my hands, he’s fast but I kick his leg, he’s kneeling from the pain and I yank my hand free from his grab and I run to the door shack it truing to open it but it no use, I turn my body and slam into the door to try and break it, but each time I get weaker and weaker and the door didn’t even move an inch, with his hand he pulls me towards him, I yell at him “ just let me go, why are you doing this” and he snaps “ you wouldn't understand now, you will know everything when it’s the right time” he sighs “ but right now I have to make sure that it’s safe for us to transport you to Vladimir” he grabs me from the waist picks me up and I realized I’m wearing his black shirt and nothing else because the shirt is not covering my thighs, I’m suddenly red and embarrassed, he most have cleaned me, saw me naked and dressed me, and he knows that I’m embarrassed from his smile on his face, he puts me down on the bed surprisingly gentle, and he looks at me for few seconds he says “ I’m heading out and I will be back for you, there is food and water you can eat while I’m gone” and he goes out and lock the door behind.

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