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chapter three

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

It has been a few month after the explosions, thing have come down but no sigh of people yet, right know I’m in a supermarket in a mall, I broke in so I can get some supplies, since I have been awake I’m just so hungry, all the food in the house is spoiled, I have gone out of the house several time but only when I need to, but every time I go somewhere I find nothing, it calming walking around the supermarket in the dark, something I never experienced before, and the familiar sight takes me back to good memories, and the remainder of the past filing my heart with sadness, I have a back bag it’s almost full of supplies so I decided to head out, I don't want to stay here long, as I’m heading out of the mall I wonder why there is no people, are they hiding or worse, maybe most are dead or on the verge of dying who knows, the mall is pretty near to the house I’m glad, the weather is the same gloomy dark clouds, I don't think I have seen the sun since after the explosions, I lost hope honestly, the streets are empty, abandon and broken cars everywhere, I can feel the winds blowing my hair, the air is crisp and the temperature is low, I’m near the house I almost can see it from the distance, I look around suddenly I can hear hard breathing, a look around every direction, my eyes scanning the streets, and then I hear an un human sound and it’s loud, screeching I begin to suspect that it’s an animal or something big, I’m walking fast now, whatever is it I don’t want to encounter it, I don’t want to find out, I’m running know, I’m breathing hard my heart is racing, my eyes are darting in every direction, suddenly I figure come from the right corner and everything stops in this moment, I look at it carefully, it's a person but his face is corrupted his skins is red and blistering, as if he was burned and some parts of his skin is black dead flesh, one eye shot, his fingers are stuck together and his hand is deformed, he's walking in one leg and dragging the other one, it's most have been the radiation that deformed him, he noticed me and he make the same sound, even louder, he’s coming toward me, fast so fast how with one leg and dragging the other, I’m hot and cold, panicking and clam at the same times, I try to run away from him and pass him heading for the house, and a look behind me for a split second I see him on four he’s a lot faster on fours, I and I’m shocked at the sight of him he looks like an mutant animal, he's right behind me I can feel him getting close, the house is right there faster it just right there, this corner I’m going to make it, I’m almost there, I feel something grab my leg, I fall forward, I land on my right shoulders, as I turn on my back I managed to take off my back bag, I swing it across and the bag hit him at the right time, before he gets close to me, I’m trying to stand up but he grabs my leg again and kick as hard as I can, he’s strong inhumanly strong, he looks at me like I’m food his eye black, he lets go of my leg, I’m trying to run but he stands so fast grabbing my hair and yanks me to the ground, the back of my head hits the ground and suddenly I’m dizzy, but I shake my head trying not to faint, he swings his hand on my direction I catch his hand, breathing fast, I grab his other hand to stop him from hitting me, he's slobbering on my face trying to free himself from my gripe, but I don't budge, I’m desperate and fighting, he’s shaking hard, and I’m almost losing my gripe, and he’s getting really close to my face, I turn my head to the right to keep him from biting my face off, I see, I can see I long metal pipe on the ground, then something clicks with in me, I kick him hard in he’s abdominal area with my knee, and he falls on his side, I get up I grab the metal pipe and as I turn around I see him coming toward me, without hesitation a launch my body forward and I swing the pipe hitting his head and he falls to the ground, I let out a scream, lit with fire with in me, burning through me, nothing is stopping me now, I keep hitting him over and over again, blood gushing from his face and head, but I don't stop, I’m now smiling, why am I smiling?, he his lifeless not moving an inch still I don’t stop, I don’t know how to stop myself, all I know right know that it feels good, it’s putting out the fire with in me, it’s like an ice cold water on a hot summery day, and the smell of blood so delicious, I stop for a second tossing the pipe on the ground and I sit on top of him start bunching his already deformed face I keep on bunching intel there is nothing on his face but flash and bones mashed together, I finally stop, I drop my hands beside me I look up at the sky and I’m numb, what did I do, I stand looking at the lifeless body, and I’m shocked, I kill someone, a living being, and it felt good, I’m breathing hard I grab the back beg and I run to the house, I shot and lock the door behind me, and I toss the beg to the ground, and I fall to my knees everything is numb my body my mind, I don’t know, I don’t know what just happened it feels fake, like a dream, but I know it’s not, I know and I don't know, I stare at my hands for a long time like I’m studying them, blood everywhere, dark red blood everywhere, and I’m sure it’s not my blood, all of a sudden the memory of what just happened hits me like a storm , my eyes are watering right now waves of pain, emotional pain I wish it’s physical pain, I stand up fast, I run to the bathroom I open the shower tape water rushing and hits me stripping me from the blood I look down at the floor, the whole shower floor is red, my close, those close I want to rub them off but don't instead I take off my wet clothes, I scrub my naked body with soap violently intel my skin turned red, like I’m about to rip my skin off, I hate this, I hate this place, I take I towel and I dry myself get dressed and I Barry my body on the bed but I’m not sleeping I can’t after this shit, I all those months I have never seen something like this, why did he attack me, I’m lying on my back right now staring at the ceilings lifting my hand up so I can see them, my hand are not even bruise or scratched, I didn't realized that I haven't injured myself, I drop my hands beside me, and I sigh.

I’m feel hunger so hungry, I tried to eat but every time I see food I want to vomit, it has been a week now since I killed that creature, and just know I feel brave enough to go out and see if there is others like this, i force myself to eat, I just need energy, I finish what’s left of my meal, and I change my clothes, I bring with me a knife just in case I needed it, I never thought I would have to defend myself but after last time, I head out, I’m walking on the side of the street think about where I’m going, the streets are back to being silence, and no sight of a living being, just dead birds, most likely falling from the Sky’s, all the animals are dying from the Radiation, I want to explore for a little bit see if there is other survivors in hiding, where is a place survivors would go to, most likely the town, I’m sure there are a lot of sick people from the radiation, I walk for few minutes, still no one to be sighted, and then I hear breathing and chewing like someone is eating loudly, I’m not even near the town, I walk faster following the sounds, I’m getting close, I see someone sitting looking at something on the ground, I come closer, and I’m shocked at the sight, a man covered with blood everywhere, and the man hunched over a dead body on the ground, it flesh is exposed, bone showing and he’s disfigured, limbs are missing, I see an abandoned car and drop to the ground and I hide behind the car, I’m breathing fast, I hear chewing and gargling noises, I pick to see what is actually going on, and the man who is sitting is actually eating and gutting the dead body with is on hands, my eyes are wide and I want to scream but I don’t, so that man who I killed, tried to eat me?, I’m not surprised, are they so deformed from the radiation that they begin to eat each other, why I’m normal why I didn’t become a monster like them? is there a lot of them?, am I alone?, I’m asking questions that I will have the answer for soon, I look around to see if there is another way to go to the town, and I see I street on left but I have to pass behind the creature fast, to avoid him seeing me, one I take a breath, two my heart skip I bit, three and I’m up and running fast, without making any noise, I pass him, I don't stop running intel I feel safe enough, finally I stop to breathe looking around just to make sure, I’m not far from the town, it will take maybe me 30 minutes to arrive, I want to know, I don't want to live here blind from reality, I’m done hiding and I don’t want to make the same mistake, I’m not guilty anymore, I will kill if I have to, something with in me click, and I’m not the same person, I feel the strength rushing though my veins, and I’m not scared, I’m not anymore, and I keep walking, I can see a hospital but I’m not going in yet, picking off the side of the building near to the hospital just to make sure that there is no one but me, i run to the entrance, it’s dark I search the reception area, looking in every drawer, hoping for something good, I found a flashlight it’s small but it’s enough light for me to see where I’m going, I Shine the light on the walls, one wall catch my eyes written on it “olena government hospital, sector valeriya” our sector named valeriya, now it’s empty and falling apart, our country olena Have 7 sector only three sector live in luxury, the capital Dyatlov, and the two wealthiest sectors Vladimir and Toptunov, those are the main three sectors, the rest living in poverty to put it in a simple away, they don't care about those sectors, our country ruled by three commanders that call themselves the three united souls, ruled years before I was born, they call the country the new found government and erased our now lost culture and our religions, history, everything, burned books and information of what was our country, and created new one, people didn't have a choice but to agree even if meant erasing there identity, believes, I don't agree with this shit and a lot don't but simply people are afraid, they are already struggling, so much knowledge have been lost, we live closed off from the world and our past, at least they care enough to evacuate some people, for the mess they made, the hospital is chaotic, I don't see anyone, I go up the stairs, I walk the hallway and I look around, I See dead bodies everywhere, in every room even laying on the hallway, I hear someone calling “hey you” I see someone lying on the ground in one of the rooms and I go in, man bleeding, he's wearing heavy protective armor, I think to protect him from radiation, his mask on the ground, that me there are sending people here, he’s in bad shape, I don’t even think he can walk, he’s not breathing will, he chokes on every word saying “you have to get out of here those are not dead bodies”

I reply “they’re not” a look around bodies every were “but”

He cuts me off “listen to me I thought the same, but I was injured by one of them” he takes a breath and continues “soon they will wake up and they will attack”

I say panicked “then I have to get you out too”

He replays fast “no I’m already infected by the Radiation, I will be dead and I will become one of them, you have to save yourself”

He shots “go!!” Blood coming out of his mouth

I stared to back away shaking my head and I hit something, metallic and it make I loud sound, I gasp and and I run, there is a man lying on the hallway, the man opens his eye sockets, he has no eyes, only two bleeding wholes where his eye used to be, and he make a strange Loudest sound, I rush out running, I look back, he’s trying to stand up, it true, it must be the radiation that made them like this, I close every door behind me to slow him down, I’m near to the entrance suddenly one of them jump from one of the rooms and I bush the hospital beds toward him, and I keep running, I go the other way hoping for a back entrance, I hear some shouting “you” I stopped running and I’m stunned, he’s on the ground and he spit blood to clear his damage throat and he continues “ you are not infected ” he breaths hard “how!!” he coughs, I hear screaming upstairs and I can’t answer him, instead I run checking every door, finally I found an exit, and I’m out of the hospital, all over the ground white sheets covering bodies, I run through them, i run intel I reach town, the town is empty, stores and schools, the park everything is abandoned and decaying building and lots lots of dead bodies everywhere, I go in one of the stores, I’m so tired I’m low on energy, looking for something to eat, nothing so far I go to the back of the store and I smell blood, my eyes darting all over the place, look for one of them, I step forward with my knife in my hand ready to attack, I turn to the right where the smell coming from and it a died body but its fresh flesh, this person died few hours ago maybe minutes I don’t know, I’m not bothered with the smell or the sight, in fact actually now like the smell of blood, some reason I’m salivating, I go down to take a good look at him, I have an urge to touch his exposed flesh and I do, red blood fresh for some reason looks good, I put it in my mouth tested, its not bad actually it confronting, what’s happening to me, I take a piece of flesh and I test it, yes I can tolerate this but no normal food, and then I’m faced with a decision my humanity or surviving, im really hungry, I take a fist full of human meat and I start eating, melting flesh down my throat, ripping meat between my teeth, juice blood, I can feel my hunger going away, and my energy levels through the roof, I can feel like I can climb buildings, break bones, bend metal, I look at my reflection from the class window, horrible I look horrible but I’m alive.

I’m look at my note book deciding what to write, I sigh, disappointed that I have nothing to say, I keep a note book so I can document everything happening to just in case I die or this shit whole ends or even if someone rescues me, would find this note book and know how much I suffered, it has been 2 year and I’m out of food, I’m still think about what that man said to me at the hospital, I shrug off the memory, there is stairs leading to the roof in my grandfather’s house, I’m going there to see if the coast is clear from those monsters, I don’t want to be dinner for those creatures, and if I’m lucky I will find food, at least my food intake is once a week, god I feel like apex predator, I close my note book sit it a side, and I go upstairs, I open the roof door, the view is beautiful in spite of the dangerous radiation, sometime I come here just to relax, after all I have nothing but this house, mate as well enjoy it, I look at the view for few minutes, then I notice a figure in the distance, on top on of the nearby house, I duck down, smiling, I don’t want him to notice me, that’s definitely another survivor, other than me, it has to be, the radiation creature are not smart enough to go on top of a roof most of them hardly walks, pick up again and I look forward, that’s a man with dark hair, Lean muscular body, wearing all black, he’s far so I can't see the details of his face clearly, and he’s looking on the opposite direction, but I can see that he’s not deformed which mean I’m not alone, my heart skips a bit, and I feel relieved for the first time, I’m fighting a smile, but still I can trust him not yet, I see him walking and the drop down few seconds go by I pick again and he disappears, ether way I have to go out, I go down the stairs and grab my bag, this time I will go to the mall, I’m on the Street but I’m careful, using all my senses to look out I really want to avoid the radiation monster, one time I have seen a woman eating a child, I don't know if its here’s but this verify that there is no humanity lift in them or a soul, just hunger, I have gotten better at being stealthy, I’m in the parking lot, I see two of them, I sigh, I try my best to avoid them, likely one of them his eyes are shot, I’m focused on the entrance, as soon as they move in the other direction I poke it to the mean door, I’m in, walking slowly, the mall is starting to decay, I walk for a while and I check every store in the mall, for bodies, for some reason they like to eat in hiding and they always leave some behind, I go to the bathrooms and I see an arm, yes some lost an arm, I cut it and take as much as I can, I’m walking back heading to the entrance, gargling noise and suddenly I’m frozen in place, eyes wide looking at every possible decision, the noise getting closer, and I hide behind one of the alleys, and in a spilt second I hear gun shot, now I acutely froze in place, million possibility run though my head, and I can seem to calm myself, should I look, I build up courage to pick off the side, and I see him the man with dark hair, is he following me? no, no way, he’s coming toward my direction and I hide again I'm breathing hard, suddenly the radio sound comes in, “ commander kain can you hear me, commander kain” and it stops, he answers back “ yes” The voice speaks again “ we have some difficulty on base, there is a lot of them” He replies “ I’m coming right now” He’s so close to me but he looks around And just like that he’s gone, I don't even think there is electricity, how the hell are they communicating, they know more about what’s happening then me, but I can risk everything, I have to stay away from them I don't know if there are good or bad, all I know now that they are armed, and I have to get out, I run through the mall to the exit and I see the two deformed bodies lying on the ground he most have killed them, I run like there is no tomorrow, my heart biting out off my chest, and I’m suddenly faster the ever, faster the the wind, more alive, weird feeling of freedom over comes me, even though I might face danger but I’m ready for it, I’m half way to the house, suddenly a gunshot soaring through the sky and echoing, and I stop, the gun shot is coming from behind me, and I turn back slowly, raising my arms, the man with the gun, the Radio voice called him kain, he's standing in front of me, a hand with a gun pointed to the sky and he’s smiling, looking at me like he found what he has been looking for, he speaks with a deep voice “ I thought I sow someone” I don’t say a word while he comes closer to me, facing each other, he points the gun at me but I don’t budge, and I keep my hands up, he doesn't know that I’m armed right now, but still I want him to know that I’m not going to cause him harm, but he doesn't lower the gun, and he comes closer, I feel like he’s about to shot and he does, but I duck down fast and lounge my body on his direction, on one hand I’m trying to grab the gun but he has a good grab on it, with one hand he throws me to the ground, and the gun falls as I fall, he’s trying to take the gun, but I’m faster than him and I kick the gun hard, to get it as far away from him, because I know if he gets it I’m dead, he picks me up by my t-shirt our face inches away, he looks confused for some reason and I kick him in the leg, he’s off balance and tries to regain his balance without falling to the ground, and I fall to the ground but I pick myself up, i try to run to the other direction, away from him and towards the gun, but he grabs my hair and yanks me to the ground backwards, my back hits the ground hard, in a second he is on top of me about to bunch me on the face, but I grab his hand while it comes toward me, and he’s stunned and shocked at my reflexes, and I feel the same, I never fight some before, I guess I’m a lot stronger than I thought, twist is arm to the side and he falls too, I’m on top of him so he can't moves and I’m about to bunch him, when suddenly we hear a scream, his eyes are wide, I look in front of me, I deformed creature running at our direction, kain bush me away and lounge his body at the creature, he’s straggling but he pins the creature to the ground and I know ether way I don't want to be here, I do not care I pick myself up and run.

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