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chapter eight

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Blood dripping down my hand, I can't even remember what just happened, I keep staring at the ceiling, I can help it, my mind is skittered, I hear the door open, and snap out of it, it’s like I’m back to reality, Kain walks back into the room sharper than ever, I have a feeling in my gut I won't like this, he steps in the room, turn to face me, I’m speechless, I want to say something, ask questions, but nothing, nothing moves, I don't know what's going to happen to me, and he speaks “ I have some questions” grinning.

now set in front of me, I haven't said a word this whole time, I want to hear him for some reason.

He says “I would like to inform you that I did my best to keep you from running away and killing everyone without actually killing you, I blame myself for losing you in the first place, you are quite difficult to deal with”

I look at Kain but not really looking, trying to remember what happened, it feels like a million years ago

He continued “it’s time you know the reason why I brought you here”

And he signed to his soldiers to leave the room, he waits for a little bit of intel the door closes, and he says “first I have to ask you again how did you survive?”

I open my eyes wide “what!! What do you mean how I survived”?

He says “it’s a simple question”

I’m confused “I don't know”

He looks down at the floor for a few seconds “you are the only survival”

My face turns white “what, no it can’t be there is just no way I’m the only survivor”

He looks at me “you are the only one who didn’t get sick or deformed”

I clear my throat “what do you want from me”

Sighs “I want you to Cooperate”

I say nothing

He continues “I well keep you safe, you will have a room, food, receive medical care, and military training”

I reply fast “you want me to work for you”

He laughs and says calmly “yes you can say it that way” I look at the ceiling for a second and then look back at him “and my family?”

He looks right at me “we can locate them, you have to give me names and Information, in return, you accept my offer”

Silence, numb silence, my heart feels heavy, my throat is tightening by the minute, I will find them I well and I can’t do it alone.

And I’m back looking at the ceiling but I force my head down to look at him again, I don't even want to say it but I have to to find them “I well cooperate but I want my family back”

He says smiling “I promise you I will find them” he put his hand out, and I look at him for a second trying to think of any other way but non, but I shake his hand.

I stand up, Kain opens the door and we walk out, it been 10 min of just walking, then he stops there is a door with some security devices on it, he puts some sort of code and it opens Atomically, I haven't seen this kind of technology in my life, only in movies, he gives me a sign to get in and I do, it's a normal room, I look behind me, Kain standing at the door, he said: “ you have your own bathroom as well as new clothes that exactly fit you, I will come to get you in the morning for our meeting” I say nothing, he shoots the door, and I’m alone, I stand there for few minutes, then I look down at my shoes, I take off my shoes fast, breathing even faster, I rush to the bathroom, open the shower faucet, and take off my clothes, I let the water drop on my body, worm water, it feels like a huge, this so confronting I want to stay under the water forever, the white noise of the shower is soothing, it shuts every scream in my head.

I slept like a rock, but the alarm woke me up at 8, I guess they have a schedule here, I get dressed and surprisingly the clothes fit even better than I thought, they must have measured me inch by inch, I wait for 10 minutes, then the door opens, kain enter, god he looks like a robot, no emotion, perfect posture, composed, I stand up.

Kain “are you ready?”

I say “physically”

Kain “follow me”

We are walking beside each other, I noticed that we are going to a different section of the building, the sign says “labs” why am I going to a lab,

Kain “you well meet doctor Naila Lansky, she will examine you”

I say nothing, we reached the door it a big room with lab equipment and examination beds, and a lot of shit I had never seen before, all of the workers have lab coats, it’s amazing, I look like a lost puppy in here, and there she is I assume walking towards me, middle-aged woman, she’s beautiful, blonde hair done in a ponytail, warning heals, she gives me a kind look.

She says “Elie, I can’t believe my eyes” her eyes sparkling, grabs me and hugs me tight like she found gold or something, I don't know what to say or do “y-yeah”

She pulls away smiling she looks at Kain “I’m doctor Naila, and I’m just going to run some tests on you don't worry it will not be painful” and she goes back to the screens checking for I don't know what.

I look at Kain confused

Kain says “I’m going to get you back at 10” and he walks away.

I stand there awkwardly for a few seconds, I hear dr.Naila told me to come and set on the bed, she started examining me, and looking up data on some computers she says “ you were in a coma for three days healing your body, amazing! fast healing” I take a long look at her “ what, I was asleep for three days” she looks at me shocked, “ no one told you, where were the nurses when you woke up ?” And I remembered that I attacked them, I look to the side and say nothing for a while, and then I build up the courage to ask probably the most dreadful question “ what did they do to me at the hospital” I know the answer but I want to confirm, dr.naila “ I don’t really know but from the condition you were in most likely they wanted to keep you asleep, maybe they thought you are dangerous to others and yourself” I’m look down and I left my head up to look at her “ they were right”

dr.Naila “ if kain did rescue you on time god knows what …” she sighs

And she’s back looking at the screen, I can see the excitement in her eyes like a kid in a candy store, hopefully, even I can understand myself more and what happened to me.

dr.Naila “I know it must be hard for you I can’t imagine what you have to go through to stay alive” she sighs “ I want you to trust me, and I promise I will take care of you“

I smile, I don't know what to say, what am I exactly, I look at my hands studying them, she sign for me to lay down and she pulls a Big machine over me, and it started spinning and pointing a red laser at my body, and I remember everything that happened in the last month I don’t know maybe years.

Her voice snaps me back to reality “what huh, I’m sorry I didn't hear you”

dr.Naila “we are done I know this is a lot to take in, but I finished the examination we will discuss the results after a few days”

I sigh "yeah right”

I’m walking with the guards, I’m supposed to have a lunch meeting with Kain, and I’m dreading every step, my heart is about to burst, but I try to stay calm, the guards stop walking and one of them says “commander Kain is waiting for you” with another hand he opens the door and I go into the room, Kain looks at me with satisfaction like I have met his expectations, I glare at his sight, he signs for me to set, Kain sets facing me,

Kain “you must be hunger by now” a plate was placed in front of me, continues “I’m going to discuss with you everything you need to know about us and what you are to us”

I say “okay”

Kain “we are alpha rise, the government created this fiscality for special projects, I’m the commander of this fiscality I’m also the commander of the olena army”

Elie “why the hell haven't heard of your group all those years?”

Kain “isn't obvious, the government wouldn't want people to know”

He continues “see how you survived after the explosions without a scratch, I wanted to use you to our advantage, train you, I think you will be the best agent in this fiscality”

his eyes are sharp, they look like they are on fire “I believe that you are meant for greatness, I want to show the government of Olena that I have the strongest and the best of the best”

He looks at the food and looks back at me “I assume you don’t eat like other humans” he takes a bit, and my eye is wide a snap “no! I’m not hungry”

He laughs and looks at me “you’re not hungry for a whole week after coming out of a coma”

I look down and I say nothing, he continues “ we have only given you blood as your body rejected every kind of nutrition, and every time I offer some food you don’t even look at it don’t lie to me,” he says that so calmly it scares me he knows, of course, he knows “ tell me now”

I hesitate “I-I eat…”

Kain says firmly “what”

Elie “raw meat and blood”

He looks at me for a while “I know”


I’m back in my room with Kain, he’s talking to me about the training and in the morning to meet him in the training room and then he says “any questions?”

I’m quiet for a few seconds looking at him and then I ask “Why didn't you tell me before, when we were in Valeriya”

He leans closer to me Kain “simply because you wouldn't believe me”

I snap “Kain what the hell ...” He cuts me off

Kain leans even closer “you will address me as commander Kain”

Want to bush him away, I want to hit him but instead, I calm myself “commander”

He gets closer to me and looks at me like he’s finally got to me, grinning “you’re finally mine”

My eye is wide in shock “I’m not yours”

Kain stops to think for a second “is that why you are holding back from hitting me” he laughs a soft laugh he enjoys messing with me.

I look down overwhelming hate consumes me, Kain clears his throat and backs away slowly “I well leave you to sleep now, rest well”

I can’t even look at him as he walks away and closes the door.

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