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chapter six

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The smell of dirt and trees, I’m Laying on concert, open my eyes gray skies, I’m back but there is something strange, I’m clam, collected, no more shattered, I feel warmth, I haven't felt warmth in a long time, I almost forgot the feeling, this not right, I sit up look at my surrounding, I’m in middle of nowhere, just a straight Road, no building, no house ,nothing just heavy fog and silence, I stand on my feet, I don’t know why I feeling that is road leads to nowhere, I walk forward anyway, I’m convinced that I might walk forever and still find nothing, strangely I don’t mind it, my old self would have killed herself already, that’s how much I have changed, I’m try to remember how did I get here but my mind is empty, it’s like every memory have been wiped away from my mind, for some reason I stop and look at the sky, this is not real, this World doesn't exist, and look in front of me, a spitting image of me appears out of nowhere, between us is an invisible barrier she keeps trying to break it but it doesn't budge, it's glass but stronger, she keeps hitting the invisible wall, more aggressive by the second that her hands are blooding, her eye red of anger, breathing heavy, screaming with no sound, although she is me, she’s a lot stronger than me, but still something in her eyes tells me that her soul is long gone, and its scares the hell out of me, like her one mission in life is to destroy, and nothing else, I take a step forward, she’s grinning at my sight, and starch her arms beside her, I can’t wipe away this confused look on my face, my heart drop to my stomach when she says “ignite” fire appears, coming out of her hands clamping to her shoulders, igniting her body, her smile looks pure evil now, i look at her amazed, that can’t be me, she drops her hands beside her, one motion and the flame are gone, now she looks angry with vengeance, and deep down I know what she wants, I know why I’m here, I take a step forward closer to the invisible wall, she looks right into my eyes, and we lock gaze, she knows what I’m about to do, I press a hand on the invisible wall, and I do to, I accept whatever offer she’s giving me, within seconds the wall shatters like glass, pieces of the wall flying everywhere, raining class, the sound of the pieces hitting the ground so loud and violent, but neither of us move an inch intel the last piece falls to the round, her eyes red like fire, her flame ignited with joy and her smile is ice cold, moving towards me, clutching a knife, I think I know what she’s about to do but still I don't move, whatever it is, it will be over soon, she shoves the knife right into my heart, and I gasp expecting pain but no, no thing, she pulls out the knife, my heart i can't feel my heart, it's dead silences, i look down, a pool of black blood spelling out of my wound, I press a hand on the wound then I look at my hand black blood, black, I look at the ground again, the ground is black from my blood, the ground is black, I fall to my knees, Sharp pain searing through my veins, waking me to reality, light bright lights, I’m lying on a hospital bed, the doctors and nurses wheeling me though a hallway, I can see them talking and shouting, i look round but I hear nothing it's like I’m under water, one of the nurses inject me with a needle, and the pain comes rushing back again, and it more intense, I scream an inhuman scream, I’m shaking my body unable to stay still, and i realize I’m strapped to the bed, my throat hurts from screaming but I can’t stop, I’m convinced if I stop screaming I might actually die, because this pain is made for people how are dying, I can’t imagine someone living after this pain, I taste blood, one of the nurses says “ her eyes are turning red” holding a light pointing it to my eye, everything feels slow motion, my body is on fire, my bone are breaking, my muscles are tearing, hot tears falling, and I want to kill each and every one of them, and I realize I’m not the only one who is screaming in this hospital, so many needles and medical equipment attached to me, non-relieving me from the pain, suddenly I feel dizzy while one of the nurses puts on me an oxygen mask, I’m trying to talk to her but she pays no attention to me as if I’m dead, and there's nothing they can do, I pull and shake my hands to break free from my restrains, one of my hand break loss, and the nurses gasp with fear, two are trying to keep my hand down with great difficulty, and after struggling to keep my hand down and one of nurses finally give up and call for help, and a doctor comes running and injects me on my neck with god know what, and I feel myself drafting away so fast.

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