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chapter five

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

don't know how long I have been here, he left me my dry cloth and food, I haven't eaten the food but I did change, I bang on the door screaming and throwing my body with full force at the door but the door doesn’t budge, it's locked and there are no windows, I have to wait for him to come back, ridiculous, I can’t believe that he got me, I thought I'm stronger the this, I don't know what he wants from me, I do know that I don't trust him, I'm walking around the room counting my steps, 342, 343, 344, then I hear the sound of the lock clicking, the door opens and I stop, he looks at me and I look back at him, the silence between us and nothing else, he sits on the bed rubbing his hands together in frustrations, I'm crossing my arms, and wonder when is he going to speak, eventually he does “ what are you waiting for an Apology?” And a laugh escapes my mouth “let me out”, and he laughs I say “what’s so funny, is this a joke to you? What do you want to torture me or kill me, go ahead!! do it” now he laughs even harder, he stands up looking at me, then walks to my direction, he’s right in front of me, looking me right in the eyes “ tell me why you want out, so you can die out there” he smiles and counties “ if you think about it I’m doing you a favor”

I’m disgusted “I was doing fine on my own”

“You almost got yourself killed twice maybe more”

I’m silent, he looks at the food “you haven’t touched the food” he’s confused, and I replied fast “I’m not hungry” he looks back at me “get some rest” he says that like it's an order

“do you expect me to sleep with you on the same bed, you're crazy”

He replies sarcastically “do you want to sleep on the floor, go ahead”

I sit on the opposite side of the bed, I don't look at him, I don't want to look at him, but I need some answers to my questions, and I have to ask “what’s your name?”

“Just call me Kain”

“okay Kain I’m Elie”

He says “Elie”

My face filled with confusion “can you tell me why I’m here”

He puts his hands on his four head and says “ I can’t explain everything right now, all I can say is that you're going to be saved and no I’m not going to kill you, at least not right now” He said that to shut me off, I throw a pillow in between us aggressively, and I can feel him smiling, I’m going to get away from him but now I need to sleep, I’m tired, I change my body position several times, tossing and turning, I have been running and fighting those few days, it’s nice to sleep on a bed, it takes me few minutes to fall asleep.

Open my eyes look around, I gasp and I sit up fast, I look beside me, no one, he’s gone, I feel like I slept for a long time, there is some canned food and water, I get up and go to the door, I look at it for few seconds, I try to open it and shake it few time but still it’s locked, I sigh and dropping my body to the ground, i cross my legs and open the can food, I’m looking at it but I can’t even open my mouth without gagging, I can’t eat this, I need meat wet with blood, I’m going crazy alone in this room, like a hungry loin, in an empty cage, ready to kill the first person I see, and for some reason I remember my grandfather always silent and lost in his own world, if he was in my place right now he would be so unbothered, I remember how Maria use to leave his food for him before he came home so he cloud eat since he’s too busy always sitting in his offices working day and night, and me being confused, as I grow older I understand why, because I have witnessed it with my own eyes, how he use to come at night from work stressed like he was carrying all the worries from the world, how every time I see him he would be in pain from stress, at the end they named him a treater my grandfather worked hard for the government, he give them everything but they killed him, I hate him, I hate those memories, I look up at the ceiling for a while and then I hear the door opening, Kain comes in and I stare at him waiting for him to say a word but he says nothing and sits on the bed, he looks pissed, and i could care less, he puts is blame on his face, rubs his face few times, I don't want to say anything, a few minutes goes by, and he says “ we are going to Vladimir tomorrow”

I open my eyes wide “what!!”

He says nothing, and I say annoyed “Vladimir”

He sighs “to olena military base”

I roll my eyes

He looks at the food “you still not hungry” and looks at me

I say nothing

I don't know what time it is right now, don’t know when are we going and he realizes that I’m trapped and I’m shocked and glad that finally, I’m getting out of here, he takes off his shirt and I just realized that he has a cut on his arm, it looks kind of beep and he tries to bandage it but it’s hurting him I can see the pain in his eyes but he tries to mask the pain with his stoic face, he barely reaches the wound it's on the back of his arm, he can't see the wound, I see him straggling, I roll my eyes, I say “what you don’t have nurses to take care of the wounded”

He replied “yes we have but I had no time to go”

Few minutes go by and he’s still straggling, I sigh, without thinking I get up, sit beside him and I grab the bandage from his hand and a towel from the table, he’s shocked and I say “ don’t worry I’m not going to kill you, not yet” I laugh “ I use to bandage my sibling's wounds since the hospital were so packed with people and always running low on supplies”

he smiles “ this sector was not funded a lot ” I wet the towel and I put it on his wound, he's flinching from the pain, the cut is pretty deep, with my other hand, I’m grabbing his arm so he doesn't move, I’m cleaning his wound, few minutes and he gets used to the pain, and he asks me “ why didn’t you get in the plan when we evacuated, why did you stay”

I smile but it fades away fast “I had no choice” and he looks at me but I don’t look at him back instead I only look at his arm, I finish bandaging his arm and I’m about to get up but he grabs my hand pulling me closer to him, and I put a hand on his chest to stop him from getting closer, I look at him fast confused, and he says two words “thank you” I’m stunned, even with his wound arm he’s still strong, I realize I never saw him like this, his eyes are relaxed and it's a different feeling, a calm and comforting feeling, can hear my heart biting aggressively, I don't know how to calm down at this point, and just for a minute we stare at each other, he’s about to say something instead he clears his throat and stands up and says “ get some rest ” and he’s out.

It’s the next day two soldiers chaining me up, standing in front of the door, a sigh escapes my month, and one of the soldiers opens the door, we go up the stairs, and I realize that’s is a bunker, underground, of course they want to protect their soldiers but not the people the victims, instead they are killing them, I can feel my ears getting red from anger, soldiers everywhere saluting him, two soldiers take me and walk me to the car and oh I’m so glad that I’m outside, the light of dawn, the clouds in the Sky’s, the wind brushing my hair, I wish a can wipe the smile on my face, I go into the car still chained, the soldier threatening me “ if you even think about running away I will shot you, got it” god I want to hit him in the face “ got it” and I yank my arm from his grab, the other soldier start driving, the weather still is kind of dark and it’s starting to fog, the more we drive the heaver the fog gets, we avoid main roads, and there is an overwhelming silence, nothing but the sounds of the engine, and my hearts biting, and suddenly I remember the day, the day I lost my family, and I remember Maria and my siblings, laughing and talking, hope and life in their eye, Maria was the closest person to me, she’s like a mother to me, she took care of me and I took care of her, we helped each other in this horrible sector, trying to make a living in this broken town, telling me everything will be okay with her beautiful smile, big and wide, almost perfect teeth, fills you with comfort, that smile was the reason why I’m still alive, that smile the reason why I’m still fighting this never ending fight, the one percent chance that I get to see that smile again, i put my head down trying to hide my sadness, and then the memory of the last time I saw Maria engulfs me, and I’m trembling fighting the urge to scream and cry at the same time, I wipe my memories away, I put an emotion less mask on my face and look up, few minutes goes by and then one of the soldiers radio come on “ we are detecting something big on our radar near the vehicle stop right now” we stop, my eyes searching everywhere for a reason why we stopped, nothing but silence, suddenly I feel something, heavy footsteps, I don’t think the soldiers feel it, they look very clam, the fog is so heavy and dense that they aren't able to see, but the soldier ignores the order and continues driving, oh no this is bad it’s closers now “ drive faster it’s close” the soldier ignores me, he say “ we don’t take orders from prisoners shut up” I look at him angrily, you are going to regret this, I scream as loud as I can, then suddenly a see it a huge body coming toward the car at full force, body slams, the car fillips, not once but twice, we are upside down, the huge differed monster pulls the driver soldiers body from the vehicle and slams him on the ground like a rag doll, the other solider want to get out but I kick him unconscious, I take the Chains wrap them around the sit and pull as hard as possible, I straggle a few time but I can hear the chain breaking I pull even harder my arms red, it breaks, and I kick one of the windows, glass shattering everywhere, in engulfed in the smoke, I run hoping this huge thing doesn’t see me, someone grabs me from the waist and pulls me to the ground fast, i look at him shocked, Kain how, I push him away we are facing each other and I smile, I scream like singling for more to come towards us, he looks stunned but he realized what I have done, I smiled one last time and then more deformed people came rushing, they are charging towards us, one of them charging right at him, this my only chance, I start running away from him, gun shots behind me, footsteps everywhere, I lost my since of direction, I don't know where I’m going, the roads and building all of them are the same, my eye darting in every direction, looking for a place to hide, I’m aware of my breath, breathe please breathe slowly, suddenly out of nowhere a soldier pointing a gun at me, he’s shouting at me, but I keep going I’m far now from all the chaos, I catch my breath for a second, I hear a loud bang like a bomb going off a turn to look around, in a spelt second someone hits me on the head, I’m on the ground and I see stars behind my eyes but I shack them off fast, i don't want to pass out right now, two soldiers standing above me and I’m dizzy, I try to stand up, but one of them holds my arms behind my back, and the others holding his gun ready to shot me, but I kick hard and the soldier tumbles backwards, losing his balance, I yank my hands from the soldier grab, he also loses balance and fall to the ground, one of them is calling for back up, I realized when I kicked him the gun fell to the ground I run and I pick it up from the ground, when I turn around pointing the gun, both of them are off the ground running toward me, the unarmed soldier stops, but the other one keeps running pointing a gun at me, and I remember my grandfather’s words “learn how to shot first” echoing in my mind, in a spelt Second both of us fire, suddenly I fell a sharp pain on my shoulder, but for some reason it doesn't feel so bad, I always have known that I have a high pain tolerance but this is a gunshot, the soldier is screaming on the ground holding his leg, I realized I have shot him, he’s bleeding a lot from his leg, and he’s on the ground in agony, I look at the other solider he’s in shock looking at me, I look back at my wound and it stopped bleeding, I can see the bolt, I deg my fingers in the wound and I pull out the bolt, look at it for few seconds, amazed, and I toss it to the ground, the soldier looks even more shocked then before, my mind clouded with thought, possibilities and impossibilities, chaos in my mind, everything I knew about myself is wrong, what actually happening to me, I drop the gun on the ground, and I start running again, gun shots and soldiers foot steps behind me, I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this mess, but I will die try at least, I hear an engine rumbling sound, a military vehicles, it’s getting closer, I can out run men but I can't with vehicles, I have to find a way to hide, but something distracts me from all the chaos behind me, infant of me a dirt road, and in the far distance I can see a black figure, running faster now, I can see the details of the figure in each step I take, it’s a man, an elderly man, as I get closer I can see the details of his face and I stop stand, my heart is about to explode, my hands and leg feel numb, and I feel like my internal organs are malting, like I’m free falling from a high building, I know this face, am I hallucinating, no it can be, suddenly I feel a Sharpe pain in my leg, someone shot me with a needle like thing, a tranquilizer, my leg began to feel heavy, but I can’t stop now, I just have to know, I start running again, Tumbling few times, I’m losing balance, I try to steady myself as much as I can, but I have to make it I can be hallucinating, he’s real, it feels real, another one shot this time to my shoulder, they shot me again, I feel dizzy for a second, and I keep going there one tranquilizes don’t work on me but if the shot me more the once, I don’t think my body will resist, another one shot, I collapse on to the ground, but I’m not giving up not now, I pick myself up again and continue running, I feel myself drooping, melting, I just want to make it, my legs gave out and I’m on the ground, I can’t move my legs, I’m trying to Crawl with all my strength or what’s left of it at least, but I look at him he looks at me one last time, turns and walk away into the distance, everything is in slow motion, I feel someone touching my shoulder and flipping me on my back, a soldier, so many soldiers, I can’t move I’m paralyzed, everything is numb, everyone moving slowly, one pulls out a needle and inject me in my neck, I scream loud but I can't hear my own voice, tears falling, and my body shakes uncontrollably, my vision is going and come back, I can feel them caring me, I’m defined-less, the sky and the clouds are spinning everything is spinning, i feel noxious, muffled voice, my eyelids are heavy, falling, I’m fighting to keep them open, but they fall one last time.

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