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Chapter one

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

I woke up feeling weird and shaking but I’m glad that I’m back to reality, as the day went on I kept thinking about my dream and how weird it is, I couldn’t think of anything else, to be honest, I have an unsettling feeling it’s like something about to happen something bad, Maria is talking to me but I can hear a word she’s saying as a pour hot water into my coffee cup all of a sudden I feel something pouring on my hand, the next thing I know Maria shouting at me and pulling my hand out of the away “ Elie” Maria shouting “ what are you doing !! did you not feel the boiling water on your hand, want are you thinking about” angrily, I looked at her for a few seconds and then I realized what just happened, I say “ no, no I was…. daydreaming that’s all” she looked at me concerned, she took the cup from my hand and cleaned the spelled water on the counter table, she continued talking about whatever she was talking about, but I was still shocked from what just happened but try to snap back into reality and go on with my day, she’s not my mother but I consider her like my mother because after my grandfather knew he will be executed, he left the house and me to her as she was the maid of our house for years, she took care of me like her own, and her kids think that I’m their sister as they call me big sis, she Knew my grandfather for a long time, she would always tell me that my grandfather was a good man and he always helped her before and after her husband died, he left me when I was 10, I never understood him he was a cold man, never convert it me never hugged me, and he never said anything about my mother our past our family nothing, he was so disturbed and distant that I thought you hated me, and he never said anything about his work.

I walk along the corridors of our house filled with pictures of my mum she must have been important to my grandfather but not me not one picture of me on the wall, sitting on my bed reading one of my grandfather’s old books that talked about life before everything changed before the new World order, how it was simpler than this, my grandfather grow up with the old world and saw the change as it was happening, I read to pass the time and to get my mind off things and relax since we have nothing to do but work and earn nothing, I read two chapters and already I feel like I’m drifting to another world and I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

I woke up all of a sudden, I look at the time without moving my body it’s 3:30 am, what the hell why I’m awake right now, I’m trying to move my body but I can’t, trying to speak I can’t even open my mouth, I’m starting to breathe heavy, I can’t focus, am I dying no it can’t be, why I’m thinking too much it’s just in my head, I’m dreaming this a bad dream and it will go away, it will right, oh god I can’t breathe, am I breathing?, the more I panic the harder it gets, how do I stop this shit, make it stop, make it stop, I look around I don’t why I’m looking at the door hoping for someone to open this damn door, I turn my eyes to the corner of the room, I open my eyes wide in disbelieve, I see a shadow, tall, black, no face just hovering looking at me, trying to calm myself down at the same the time I’m freaking the hell out of my mind, that’s not real it’s in my head, it’s just in my head, maybe I’m hallucinating, in a split second the shadow moved from the corner of the room to right in front of my face, I can see his face but it’s not really a face I see the creature is looking at me, looking right into my eyes like he’s looking right into my soul, I can feel a heave Wight pressing on my body, I feel my body sinking into the bed, like someone is bushing down as hard as they can trying to break my bones “a storm is coming, no one is safe” it spoke with a raspy scary voice, and it disappeared just like that, and I gasp for air like I was submerged under water for hours, I set up and move my body so hard from the bed, as fast as possible that I fall into the ground with relieve and disbelieve “ what the fuck just happened” I look at the time stunned and to my horror, it’s 3:35, it has been 5 minutes, it felt like hours, I couldn’t help it but replay his words over and over again, a storm is coming no one is safe, what storm and why is no one safe what does it mean, why he would say this shit to me, I couldn’t sleep the image of that creature and his words still playing like a broken record in my head.

I woke up hearing a bang from a distance and to the house shaking, when did I sleep? What was that did something explode, I rushed to the door without thinking, running looking for Maria breathing heavily, where is she? Frantic I go to the kitchen as I open the door, here she is standing like a statue looking at the back yard, door wide open, what is she looking at, I look outside to see what is so shocking, dark skies its look like it have be raining but when I take a second look, no it's more like it’s snowing grey snow, no it’s ash, it’s snowing ashes, I looked at Maria her eyes are blank with shock, I look back out my still nothing is shocking “what is it” finally she says “I have never seen something like this before in my life, a minute ago it was sunny with blue skies” she spoke softly, I asked her to calm her down “ what did you see? Maria, what did you see? Maybe one of our nippers houses is on fire or something”, she said looking right at my eyes “NO!! the explosion was far far far away” the next thing I hear is a sound, emergency siren, and a soft female voice telling everyone to evacuate within 24hours, the second I heard that my body got heavier and my knees can’t hold my body weight anymore, it’s like the ground is crumbling beneath me, and I can feel the adrenaline rushing into my bloodstream, grabbed beneath me, I grabbed Maria from her shoulders and I snapped “ this is serious!! we have to go, we have to get out of here, there is no time to think just get everyone, I will drive" trying to stay calm, I run to my room changed my clothes, grabbed the car key, I opened the tv to get more info on where to go or what’s happening, there is an emergency message on the tv saying we have to go to the airport with ID, that’s all I needed to know, I yell at my mother direction and I say “ Maria do you have all the IDs”

Mother “Yes, I have them all in my drawer, why?”

I say "Just grab them all and meet me in the car" I'm now yelling at June and Eden " get up let's go" and they do

and run out, saw Leah on the way out, grabbed her hand and we run to the car, my hands are shaking while opening the door, I’m trying to put the car key in, all of sudden it fell from my hand, bend down to search for the key, feeling around trying to get the key, hurry, hurry, where is it “ founded!!!” I yell out as I look up, I look round to make sure that everyone is in the car, mother holding Eden and Leah and June are in the back seat, good everyone is here, then I look at the front window to my horror it’s black from the ashes, I wipe the window and I just start driving, I can’t see well but I can see well enough to get us to the airport at least, burning cars on the streets, a sea of people, everyone is rushing and running, it’s like I can hear each one of them screaming, and the sound of their feet hitting the ground, I try to avoid cars from crashing into our car, I look on my right for a second and then I look back at the road two cars just crashed right in front of my eyes, I look back at the street a car is headed right towards use, and I swerve the car just enough for the other car not to hit use, I price on the gas to try and rebalance the car, Maria looks at me at the same time I look at her, and she looks at the road in disbelieve and worry at the same Time, and looks right at me, I’m really trying to stay calm as much as possible, hear my sister June screaming and freaking out “ what’s happening ?why everyone is going crazy ?!!”, Leah trying to calm her down, I say calmly but breathing heavily “ I don’t really know but don’t worry everything will be alright, we are almost there” And I think to myself we have to survive this chaos first.

almost there, I can’t I still can believe that I managed to drive with all this destruction, but I’m still not letting my guard down, not yet, even when the thought of losing everyone I care about crosses my mind, it makes my body sick, and then the car in front of me stops all of a sudden, “ w-what’s happening Elie?” Maria says in a soft voice to hide the lamb in her throat.

I reply “I don’t know”.

I look at the back sit, My sister looks at me and I can see the fear in her eyes I say “ don’t worry I will check, stay” looking at Maria, I open the car door and I stand on the edge of the of the car to get a better look, as soon as I look up I can see a long line of car, I whisper “ shit” I look around I can see that the airport is just a mile away and I look at the cars most of them carefully, they are abandoned, I can see people running, we have to do the same there is no other way, I sigh and duck down saying to Maria “ change of plan we have to go on foot to the airport it’s just few mints away, we have to go now” without saying anything Maria opens her door and so my sisters, Maria grabbing Eden hand tightly and we all start running, I realized that Eden is slowing Maria down, without think I grab Eden and hold him in my arms and start running, we arrive into the airport and all the plans are for evacuation so we only have to give our ID to go into one of the airplanes, there are letting everyone in, and I feel like for the first time I breath, we’re go to be safe, a spark of hope light my eyes, we wait on the line and I can hear Maria panicking I immediately look at her “ what’s wrong” she look at me “your sisters ID is missing, I most have lost it in the car or on the way here while we were running or something”, my face goes white, sigh “it’s okay Maria” she looks at me confused, but I already know what’s. About to happen, it our turn and I grab all the IDs from Maria hand, I give the guard Maria and Eden IDs first, they go in to the gate and then Junes ID, she enters the gate with MARIA and Eden, me and Leah just three years apart, I hope he doesn't focus on the ID picture, i give him the ID and then I shove Leah to the gate while Maria looks at me like her heart just ripped into pieces, I think she knows what I just did and its hurting her soul, I can see it in her eye, her skin, and how her lips part in disbelieve wanting to say how could I, I know she promised my grandfather and I know how much I mean to her but I have to, have to do this for Leah and Maria, there’re a family, so they can have a better chance in life, right now, now she’s looking right into my eyes as the guards assist her to the plane, tears tripping on her check and falling into the ground, feel like this moment just froze in time and everything around me slowed down, I give her one last reassuring smile, it felt at this moment like I’m looking at Maria for hours and days, i would like to capture this image forever in my mind, it's like I don't want this moment to end, and just like that they are safe, I stand there for a few mints try to hold my tears but fail, warm tears falling from my checks to the ground so fast, I begin to think I have waterfalls streaming from my eye, I don’t know if I’m crying because I’m relieved that Leah is safe with Maria or I’m tariffed for what about to happen next.

All the plans have boarded, I see as the last plane flies away into the distance and disappears, to make sure, then I see in my Peripheral vision a bright light on my right side, I look at the direction of the light, and I almost can’t believe my eyes, I light shutting up from the ground to the Sky, in a split second someone shoots “ get down” I feel the ground shaking and rumbling, I drop my body to the ground and I hear an explosion so intense that I automatically cover my ears, and I hear nothing, then everything goes dark.

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