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our world away

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

my world way is a story to remind me of my double life, the first which is the real world the lifeless emotionless day-by-day life, where I don't even feel pain anymore, I walk around numb, the second is right before I go to bed which is the life that I live in my mind, my dreamland, my escape zone, the one place where I can be myself honestly but the wired thing is that it’s not a peaceful place, in fact, it’s the opposite, its horrifying place full of darkness and sadness abandoned and alone but it’s the most comforting for me, I don’t know why I find comfort in the dark or from only being in such horrible place, it's better than feeling nothing, so this is my story.

this story follows Elie when her world is shattered to pieces, the nuclear power plant in her city explodes, and she is left with a hard decision that will change her life, and lead her to the journey of the truth.

I woke up to a shock wave, shaking the whole house, followed by a deafening sound, I have to get them out, I have to save them.

the story follows a girl named Elie thrown into a battle against a disaster that changed her life, trying to save her family and survive the radiation, a commander from the government trying to control her, and she discovers the truth about the world after the explosion, hellfire ignited, rain of ashes fell on the world, making her nothing but a monster, seeking vengeance for a fallen country in a corrupted world.

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