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 “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

william shakespeare

our world away

I don’t want to disappoint people but I just can’t, simply my body won't allow me, my mind has crippled me, and my fatigue has reached levels of no return, screaming for help in silence, in my bedroom I weather away, unseen, unheard and unnoticed 



one day my heart will stop and I will enjoy every single minute of it 



A city underwater, winds breaking silence, waves demolishing buildings, drowned souls, floating bodies, and yet there is comfort in letting go



Looking back to the little girl I was, no emotions but a broken soul, a fake smile filled with pain, all those years I blamed myself but now I realized that little girl needed help, with a broken voice, screaming a silent scream, she withered away.



Look at me, powerful eyes, knowledge that can shatter bones, suffering that can break souls, here I am Thriving in the face of Terror



It started when it all fell down, it all fell down, heavy black rain, like stones falling from the sky, no force can stop it, beating my body from all directions, breaking my bones, shattering my spirit, and yet I still stand with all my might.



Broken by the world, broken since I was born, keep telling myself that I am broken until I ignited a flame in my heart that molded and hardened, harder than stone my heart remains, numb to the world.


as creatives, our job is to uncover what lies in the darkness and give it new life, new identity.
there are people who learn how to interrogate that darkness instead of being crushed by it and they use their art, and their magic, and their tech, and their intellect to not only show us who we are in a way we can understand and accept but also who we can be they create new tribes and new worlds that cell their people home. 
the best stories are the ones that resurface from the dark.

Transfer to the darkness

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