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chapter seven

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

My head is throbbing with pain, my eyes feel like they have been glued shot, opening slowly, everything is blurry, I plink servile times to adjust my eyes, I look around for few minutes, I want to move fast but I can’t, I’m back from the dead, I’m convinced that my body is made of stone, I noticed that the room is different than any other hospital room, I defiantly no in a government hospital, I never see something like this it so different it to the hospital that I was in before I woke up that’s for sure, it’s nicer, I sit up my heart is padding so hard, fast I take of the blanket, I have a hospital clothes on, I’m frantic looking around I noticed an IV drip attached to me, I yanked out, blood come rushing and dripping down my arm but I pay no attention to it, not now once I get out of here I can fix it or stop the bleeding whatever, open every drawer but I find nothing, I open the closet door right there in front of me black t-shirt and pans, shoes as will, thanks god, I take them and I change fast, as soon as I finished I feel someone coming towards the room, I can feel there footsteps, but those are not heavy footsteps most likely a nurse or a doctor not a solider, I move fast I hide behind a wall and wait , the door opens and a nurse enters the room, I was right, she is holding a metal tray, as soon as she turns to face the bed I pin her to the wall, she is screaming and try to break lose, I slam her again agents the wall, she stops screaming but I feel two more footsteps about to enter the room and red light appear on top of the door, it’s an emergency signal, damn it, right now she’s trying to talking me out of going out but I don’t listen her, instead I throw her to the other side of the room, I turn to the door, the door opens a doctors and a nurse entered the room holding a syringe, they are trying to reason with me to calm me down, I punch the doctor in the face while he was still talking and he falls to the ground, the nurse holding a syringe trying to hold me and pin me to the ground but push him and the syringe falls from his hand, and he charges at me and slams me on to the ground, I can see the syringe on the ground inches away he’s screaming for help, finally I reach the syringe and without thinking I turn around and stab him in the neck, he falls unconscious and I’m out the door, I run through the hallway trying to see where is the exist is but ever door looks the same, I every time I open a door there is more hallways, suddenly a solider come running from one of the corridor, my heart lights up with the rush and I can't help it but to smile, a nervous smile to mask my terror, he shots but he misses me, I grab the gun and push him to the wall I take the gun and I hit him with it in the head the solider falls unconscious, I notice there uniform is different than the normal olena government soldiers, another solider comes towards me and without even thinking I shot him, the solider scream in agony, the bolt hits him, and I run fast finally I see a big door it must be the exist or leading to it, I push the door open, a soldier come out of nowhere fast like bullet hits me with his gun my body slams to the opposite wall two of them holding me to the ground and I see more and more coming, this is bad, I manage to free on of my arms and I hit one of them in the face with my elbow blood gushing out of this nose, and I throw the other one to the ground ready to hit him with full Force but one of the soldiers says “ stand down or we will shot” and I back away from the solider and he runs to the other solider, I can't fight them they’re more then me and with guns, then someone else speaks a familiar voice “ Elie, calm down, we're not here to hurt you I just want to speak to you” Kain appears out from the sea of soldiers, and I’m shocked he’s will put together with his black uniform I almost didn't recognize him, I say “ where am I Kain?”

He looks at me and smiles “you are in the alpha rise, our headquarters part of the Olena government” he steps forward closer to me and says “your new home”

My heart sinks, the ground is crumbling, my face is white with fear and confusion, and I’m asking all sorts of questions in my head trying to piece out everything.

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