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Foggy memories

I feel numb and empty, numbness and emptiness comes after a long time of sorrow and grief, suddenly you say wants the point of living, life isn’t worth it, the things that you loved doing becomes hard chores, walking feels heavy, activities that you used to do become less enjoyable as you wither away, silence become comfort, and loud noises become muffled, your insides become cold, as you tuck yourself in a corner just to feel warmth, your heart hardens, you do anything to feel pain again, cutting is not enough, yelling is not enough, hurting others is not enough, you listen to music louder and louder to shut the world away, you wish you can rip yourself apart for that one feeling, that one thing that you’re missing, but you can’t remember, because its been so long since you have felt like that, you are lost in these gray haze and you can’t get out, even if you seek help, well what’s the point I already forgot, and this since of safety and security goes away, and you find yourself uncapable of physical interaction, uncapable of giving or receiving love, uncapable to speak to another human being, you become isolated in your own world, and all you think about is how to end it all.

If you feel the same way I have felt, please get help, you may have depression, and your life is worth something.

Mental health awareness

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03 nov. 2022

Well, talking to you might help, contact me and lets get some shit together.

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