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chapter nine

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Staring at my reflection, I’m afraid of this person looking back at me, flashbacks of blood, mutilation, flesh, and bones, hit me all at once, I sigh hard convincing myself not to go back to my memories, lock them and throw the key away, knock, a solider comes in “ commander Kain waiting for you in the training room” and he signs for me to follow him, without a word, we stop at what it looks like a gym door, I enter, my hands are shaking for no reason, and I see him rapping his hand with white sheets, not looking at me “ good morning”

I say “doesn't feel like the morning”

He replied “will it is” clearing his throat “we are underground”

I laugh “I know”

He changes the subject “back there your fighting skills are pretty good, but messy” he ropes his hands together “with the training you will be a killing machine”

He Signs to me to give him my hands and I do; he raps mine the same way he wrapped his, he’s looks focused, his eyes fixed on my hands, then he looks up “does it feel comfortable?” I yank my hands and look the other way “y-yes”

He is right in front of me now “ready” I nod yes, both of us standing looking at each other, I realized he’s waiting on me to strike first, alright I got this I know how to fight, not really, I get closer to him, I strike but he dodges, he hits me and I lose balance a little, breathe , I’m trying to hit him but I miss again, he’s observing me, okay he wants me to knock him down, I don’t know why but for some reason I’m not taking this seriously, I can’t fight like before, his eyes demanding more, we go at it few times and finally I throw some hits then he grabs my wrist mid stick and pin me down to the ground, I kick him in the ribs he still have a good grab on my other hand, with all my strength I flip him to the ground, I’m ready to bunch him but he shields himself with one hand, I’m about to hit him again but he grabs my other arm flips me and lock me in place, that’s yet I give up, I can’t take this seriously, I’m not in danger anymore, I can’t flip the switch in my head, sigh he says “ that’s really bad”

He releases me and I mumble “at least I’m not fighting for my life”

He looks at me with a sharp look “you will soon, you can’t rely only on strength and through random hits, you're going to fight trained men, trained to kill” he clears his throat “you have to have the skill to fight”

I realized how bad my fighting skills are, suddenly Maria tears attack my memories out of nowhere, my heart skips a bit, I look straight at him “I’m willing to learn “


I get out of the shower and just drop my body onto the bed, I can feel every bone in my body, my muscles are throbbing, but the pains is subsiding every minute, I hear a knock at the door, soldiers “ dr. naila is waiting for you at the lab room “and I jump up, open the closet door, I’m getting dressed as fast as I can, I don't know why but I’m actually excited and terrified at the same time, what are my results, I’m finally going to know what is happening to me, I almost fell putting my shoes on, out of breath I open the door, the soldiers is waiting to guide me to the lab room, he starts walking and I follow, he open the lab room door and I enter to my surprise I see Kain, my throat is dry, dr. naila greats me “ set” gestures to the bed, and she looks calm, there is a big screen in front of Kain, he’s standing beside her, there's an x-ray image shown on the screen, I’m confused.

dr.naila starts “ when Kain first saw you, you were already exposed to hug amount of Radiation for a few months, plus when he toke you from the hospital you were in a really bad shape, I’m talk about injury to the skull several broken bones, bolt wounds, cuts, extreme poisoning from high levels of drugs and sedatives, I can go all day talking but all the injuries” she looks at Kain “ you have been in a coma for three days, wake up like nothing have happened and ready to fight” know it hits me, my eyes wide she continues “ and yet not a single sign of radiation poisoning, cancers, deformities, disability, nothing, your body have made a full recovery in three days” the room is silent, I think all the blood drained from my face, and Kain smiles , dr.naila continues “ I don’t know why your body responded to radiation this way, when others fallen sick and deformed, with cancer tumors, and brain damage, it must be something in your DNA, because from the x-ray and the tests it shows that you are a normal human” I’m shocked to my core, not only I survived but my body is acutely thriving.

Kain “I knew there was something different about her, she’s the only survivor of the disaster” he gets closer to me “who actually are you Elie”

I step back a little “I want to know” I shake my head “I’m Elie Eberstark”

Kain cuts me off “Elie Eberstark, yeah I almost forgot your family name is Eberstark, you are a true blood, true to Valeriya”

I sigh “my grandfather never told me anything about our family history”

dr. Naila takes my hands “when did you start seeing changes”

I sigh “will after the explosion I get really sick, I passed out and I woke up like this, I don’t know how long I was out, I was going crazy out there, had no sense of time”

He looks at dr. Naila and she looks back at him “you did get sick”

I’m confused did they actually think I was born this way, dr. naila start writing stuff on her bored, she says “when need more testing” kain shake his head “I will tell them to schedule tests”

My eyes dart all over the place, what now.


How does this place exists, it is like an underground city, it is an underground bunker, hidden from the world, fitting for me, there also a surface level but it is off limit for me, Kain in introduced me to Adam “he will show you around to get you comfortable to the place” Adam says hi, I recognize his voice right away, he’s the one who Kain talked to on the radio, I’m walking around with Adam he’s a really nice guy, or maybe he’s being nice to me because I’m important now, important to Kain, I don’t know at least it’s refreshing to see some else other than Kain, he’s showing me around and people really seem to know and like him, Adam “ hey are you okay?” I look at him “y-yeah, yes”

Adam“ okay, I assume you will stay for a long time, you should know your workplace” my eyes wide “ yeah I will be living her” Adam laughs “why are you down, it not that horrible, we're like a family here” and the word family stuck in my head I don’t know why but it's nice they have normal lives, I almost can’t believe it, looking around,

Adam “ you know I was worried about him, Kain, I didn’t know what he was thinking, he’s like this sometimes mysterious and unpredictable but I see it now I’m glad he saved you” I look down and nod don’t know what to say, should I be happy, he continues “ you should go back now it's your bedtime according to Kain” he laughs

I do to “I’m not a child”

Adam “it’s Kain’s world, he’s the boss what he says goes” he clears his throat “he is a nice guy you know, he’s just overprotective”

I reply “yeah right”

he cuts me off “no really he’s, I know he's giving you a hard time, you’re new, you will get to know him better”

we wake for few minutes to reach the area where my room is, and I can see Kain in the distance oh god, he says “it's late” Adam reply “ don’t worry boss I just showed her around nothing more” Kain smiles, while Adam’s leaving he says“ hey it was your idea, you chose the best man for this mission” I can see Kain smiling, this is the first time I see his genuine smile.

We walk in silence for a while, and then I realize what I saw back there, a whole city with people and electric City and water, food supply, all underground “ can I ask you a question?” he looks at me “ I hope I can give you a simple answer”

He wants to shot me down “why work for you, why not lock me up or kill me”

He turns his head and looks at me “I don’t want your powers to go to waste, plus I didn't go to all this trouble for nothing”

I smile in confusion “you asked me this question before so I’m going to ask you, who are you”

Kain “I told you there is no simple answer you have to know the whole story”

We switch direction no longer to my room, we go up the to an office type of area, and Kain opens large door, as soon as I go inside I’m stunned it like I have traveled in time a library full of old books I have never seen before, lost in it beauty my mouth opens, Kain says “ this is the lost knowledge of our past” he looks at me “ I told you it’s not simple” and I sit on the chair beside him “ what is this place” he sits beside me “the library of lost knowledge, founded by Nawa vanehill, a scientist and a business man, who was working with the Olena government, he managed to rule the country, stored our history and past from being discovered and locked away, the government wanted to control people strip them from their religions, heritage, believes, everything we used to know” he stops and looks at the books, I say “ all of this was our past” he sighs “ no this just a little of it, most of it was burned in the rise of the Olena government” he continues “ nawa vanehill wanted to restore humanity, he thought that he made humanity equality, now his vision is also lost dividing humanity again like between the poor and the rich, humans are greedy beings” I look down, I know that first had our sector was suffering, my family had nothing we our struggling, no food, no medical care nothing, schools made to teach children how to work for the government, meanwhile the three head sectors were thriving with rich people and technology, I don’t understand the president vision, Kain clasp his hands looks down to his feet “ then his son took over and ruled” he sighs “ his son was trained to take his place and know his the supreme commander John vanehill” is he telling me how loyal I should be for them, I know all about them after all photos of the supreme commanders all over the school, book, everywhere, we were taught all about nawa vanehill and his son, trying to brain wash kids.

I cut him off “yes I know the supreme commander and who he really is, are you here to tell me!! How they are great and all, save your time I know the tru…”

He grabs my hand cutting me off “I know you wanted to know who I am right”

my eyes open wide, I yank my hand from his grip, in seconds I’m on my feet he says “I was experimented on by the government my father had no problem giving my life away as long as I get stronger, I almost died but it worked” I look at him shocked, he says “ yes” I step back “ what do you mean it worked” he replied “ I’m a commander of an army that fairs me more than anything in this world” we look at each other for a Second, and I sit on the opposite chair to face him “ why do you need me then? ” Clearly we have the same strength, me and him are at the same level, He looks right at me “ Olena government conducted experiments on children to create a weapon type of human more powerful humans, but children kept dying because of how extreme the experiments, it altering the human DNA, I saw unspeakable things done to children, they had to stop because of how many died, no one succeeded but me, I wasn’t given the full dose that’s why I survived but then they shot it down” I’m disgusted I’m not trying to hide it, he continued “ I think you are the one, the succeeded one” I stand up “ no it impassible, if I was I would know” he cuts me off “ your grandfather is yakiv eberstark right” and I’m stunned “ yes” he continued “ he was one of the creators of the experiment, the answers is in you, we have to go back to your grandfathers house and see for our self’s” I feel like I just got slapped on the face “ you mean my grandfather who raised me is hiding from me the true and you want me to believe you, who I met five minutes ago” he looks frustrated he says “I know it crazy but you have to trust me, I know I know there is something about you that will change the world, our world”

I reply fast “ my grandfather was killed, executed by the supreme commander, the supreme commander that you are working for, my grandfather was killed after years working hard for the government, and his reward was naming him a traitor and a gunshot straight to the heart, so how dare you to say that”

I can’t help but look away in discuss “it’s late! I want to go to my room” I don’t want to think about this, he’s angry now, the look on his face says it all, he’s about to say something but he stops and nodded his head.

I’m back in my room, and I’m tossing and Turing all I can think about is my grandfather, what if it’s true, I mean I know that my mother dead giving birth to me, that’s why I was raised by my grandfather and then when I was ten he gave me to Maria and she raised me like here own, and then it hit me a rush of memories, stuff that didn't make sense, and I jolt up my mind start racing, there is a lot unanswered questions and the only one who can answer is my grandfather, I didn’t ask because was fine and it didn't matter at the time but now it does, I couldn’t handle it any more, I race to the door and I’m out of the room, I walk around for a little bit, I don't know where to go I just want to stop thinking I’m angry and confused everything is happening so fast, I know one thing now I want to know the truth, I’m going back and I will find out, I have to find Maria and ask her, I sit in front of a tree to calm down, few minutes finally I’m clam enough, I look around the place for a little, I want to break out of this prison I’m in I want to go back to find the truth not for them but for me, I start hiding back to my room.

I’m back to the training room, learning new fighting skills, Kain looks tiered, I think I’m getting better, still he looks disappointed for some reason, as I’m about to hit him to knock him down he grabs my hand and flips me to the ground, that hurts, he signs with his hand again, we do the same moves for a while and still he pins me down at the end, no matter how much I change my moves, he predicts my next one, it’s like he’s a machine, calculating in his mind, I’m guessing years of training made him the fighter that he is, and the he say “break” I throw my head back relieved, he lends a hand to pull me from the ground but slap his hand away and get up by myself, I’m still not talking to him, he looks at me laugh and look away, I start walking to the showers, I now in my room relaxing after a long day of training honestly all I do is train with Kain or without, tomorrow will be training with Adam on guns, I hear footsteps Kain’s footsteps, and the smell of blood, I jolt, Kain enters the room sign for me to get up, and we are walking into an empty room, not a single word, he sign to the soldiers and the go out, I’m in the center of the room, he scanning my body from head to toe, I look at him confused, the soldiers re-enter the room with some blindfolded, I can smell his blood, fair, guilt and pain.

I whisper “what is this?”

He motioned to the man “your food, you must be hungry by now”

I’m in shock, eyes open wide “you’re sic….”

He cuts me off with one hand motion “I can have an agent die from hunger, this is a traitor, your job is to kill traitors like him”

The man screamed and begged for mercy, my eyes wide “I would not, not like this”

He laughs “Then like what a gunshot, a fight, poisoning, all the same, he dies in the end” He grabs my arm aggressively “you will do it because you're hungry, you will do it because he’s a traitor, you will do it because I said so”

I yank my arm from his grab and he looks at the man, tears falling from his eyes, I can’t tell if he’s scared of Kain or me, Kain and I lock eyes, like we are at war with each other, he nods slowly as if he’s saying this is your last warning, I’m terrified, I am hungry but not this way, not a living human being, I’m terrified because of the possibility, want if after this a turn into a monster, lose all my humanity, my memories, everything, my eyes are bagging, but he looks dead serious, like there is not going back, Adam is right it’s his way or the high way, he say “ you will do it by hand, I don't trust you with a gun, not yet” I take a step forward, the man is shacking violently, his body reeks with fair, I go behind him, I expect him to get up and fight, do something, but he don’t, he has accepted is fate, will then I most, I snap his neck with my own to hands, the body slams to the ground lifeless, I stand there as Kain looks pleased, he says “ dinner is served” grinning at me, I look away, he comes closer to me inches between us “ will done, they need to fear you, even more then they fear me” he looks at the soldiers, I can see them trying to wipe there terrified faces, I’m shacking my head wanting to scream and shout at him but I don’t, he leans over to the body, take out a pocket knife and cuts the man’s throat like butter, blood gushing out, my senses is on high alert, my mouth salivating uncontrollably, the smell is overwhelming, sense overload, I put my back to the far corner to keep as far away from the body as possible, I don't think it’s possible, Kain swoop so of the blood from the body, coming towards me, I look away trying just trying to compose myself, leans grabs my waist pulls me closer to his body, his finger near my mouth and I can’t, I can’t compose myself any more, it’s like my mind goes to automatic and my thought don’t mean anything, I lick the blood off his finger, all I can think of is comfort, its soothing to me, he pulls back, and snaps “ soldiers out” I fall to the ground in disbelief, look up he’s standing over me “ you don’t have to pretend, you need to eat”

I snap “get out”

He steps back, his message is clear, I walk over to the body I bit the neck and I rip a big chunk of flesh, easy, is blood making the flesh juicy, Kain looks at me one more time and leaves the room.

Its finally over I’m a monster, and I liked it, I’m washing the blood off, I feel no remorse now that I eaten half of the body, properly I won’t need to eat for a week, Kain is a soulless human been, but I can't hold that against him now because I’m too, I don't care, I want to find my family if that what I have to do to find them then I will do it, if I have to submerse to Kain and every sinister thing he wants me to do, I will for the sake of my family, but after I find them its war, I get out of the shower, I look in the mirror, huh strange I look good, I have a glow too when before I looked tired and thin and frail, know I look like I’m healing from the inside, less pale and my veins are not as visible and dark, I get dressed, I have a meeting with Kain, I get out on my own, now I know the place will enough to walk on my own without someone guiding me, the soldiers won’t look at me that’s how afraid of me they are, before they would be aggressive and mean to me, but know they don’t even dare to look in my direction, I’m walking near to Kain’s office and I see Adam, I wave to him but he ignores me and walks away, I look down at my feet, what did I expect after what happened of course the soldiers told him, of course the one person who is actually nice would be afraid, I mean that’s what I am a monster, it for the better anyway, I sigh pushing the door open.

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