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I’m not lazy I’m depressed

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I’m not lazy I’m hurting all over my body fatigue is the worst, I’m not physically ill but why I feel like my body is about to break apart when I walk, get out of bed, or even brushing my teeth or shower, basic things that people do even think about on a daily bases, why everything is tiring now, even if eventually I have to wake up and go to work or class because I have to, why do I feel like a zombie walking out of bed with no desire even to go out of my room, I will sit just for few minutes, its fine, I’m late any way, and the when I get there I’m mad towards myself because I had to speak to someone to explain the lie that I hate, I can’t tell the truth they with think I’m lazy I’m not or maybe I am, every day my days start like this, every day I torture myself, for not being responsible enough, why can’t I be like everyone else, what is that my phone is ringing I can’t answer, my friend is calling to ask where have I been and how I’m doing, the two most difficult questions in my book, do I lie or do I tell the truth, I hate lying but I hate the truth even more, I don’t respond because ether way it will hurt her, what do I tell her I don’t want to go out because I want to lay on the bed all day and think, I will go home what’s the point of me being here, I isolate myself even more to the point that one friend who cared now don’t, it’s okay I always do that destroy relationships, I’m not a good friend after all, she’s better without me, I will never do anything in my life so what’s the point of living if I’m lazy.

it's not ok.

If you feel the same way I felt, please get the help that you need, you’re not lazy you’re depressed, and your life is worth something.

Mental health awareness

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